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Website design for a family & general dental practice in Toronto.
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Project description

Orchid Tooth Dental is a general & family dentistry based in Thornhill, in the Greater Toronto Area.

Founded in late 2019, the dental practice began through word-of-mouth. But to scale to the next phase, an investment in the web presence was necessary. FAMGO collaborated closely with the founder, Dr. Judy Tsai, in creating the brand direction, content strategy, and website design.

The challenge was to help Orchid Tooth Dental stand out from over hundreds of other dental practices in a metropolis like Toronto. The solution emphasized communicating “trust” and “authority” by highlighting their competitive advantages, and translating the same physical clinic experience to the web.

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Content strategy

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“‘If we target everyone, we target no one.’ We establish the short-term and long-term goals, the demographics, and business objectives.”

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“Every staff at Orchid Tooth Dental is bilingual, some trilingual or even quadrilingual. This is one of their biggest competitive advantages especially in a city like Toronto.”

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“Branding of orchid flowers, marble, gold, white, and black.”

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“To build trust and authority, we explain each dental service they offer, educate the patients on the pros and cons, and the treatment process at Orchid Tooth Dental.”

Screenshots of OTD's desktop website

“It’s often the ‘unknown’ that keep prospective patients from visiting the clinic physically, especially in a dental clinic setting. To ease their nerves, we show the faces of the team, office interior, and a professional website that reflects their expertise.”

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