Got Game

Mobile app for finding basketball courts

Got Game is a basketball court finder app for recreational basketball players in the world. It helps users connect to other players, organize pickup games, and explore new courts to play in.

The team at FAMGO were inspired to design this app because of our passion in the sport of basketball. We’ve always had problems finding a quality pickup game, so we wanted to solve this problem in the pickup basketball community.

We created a mobile prototype to test if there is really a market for a basketball court finder app. The validation answer was yes. So we hope to create and release the app in the App Store and Google Play soon.

Services provided

Mobile app



Methods used

  • User interview
  • Competitor analysis
  • User personas
  • User stories & scenarios
  • User flows
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design
  • Prototype
  • Usability testing

In this project, we employed an end-to-end human-centred design process.

We started from exploratory research by interviewing players at our local parks to validate if this is even an actual problem worth solving.

Once we validated our hypothesis, with the insights we collected from player interviews, we then created user stories & scenarios, user personas, and user flows to better understand our potential users.

We created wireframes, visual design, and prototypes.

We tested with 5 players in our local park to observe how they interacted with the app.

What we did not want to do is spending 6 months developing an app then found out the app is unusable or fundamentally flawed.

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