C. H. Henry Hsu

Website design for Canadian novelist, C. H. Henry Hsu
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Project description

C. H. Henry Hsu is a Canadian novelist who writes stories with multicultural representations. He is the author of The Lost Imperial Seal, an action-adventure novel set in modern Taiwan.

The website was originally a minimalist website with lots of whitespace. Although it looked clean, it did not reflect the vibe of his book genre. It looked more like an author website for non-fiction than fiction.

The new design borrowed the artwork from his book, The Lost Imperial Seal. We wanted it to feel like a website of a Hollywood action-thriller, using full-page imagery to immerse website visitors into the story.

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Services provided

Content strategy

Website design

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C. H. Henry Hsu's website displaying on an iMac and MacBook Pro

“We want the look & feel of the website redesign to truly reflect the genre of the novel.”

C. H. Henry Hsu's website displaying on an iPad

“Social proof is one of the most important design elements in modern day sales & marketing.”

C. H. Henry Hsu's website displaying on a MacBook Pro

“Using a quote for Heading 1 to increase organic SEO.”

C. H. Henry Hsu's author website displaying on 3 smartphones

“Responsive website that works on small displays and large displays: mobile phone, tablet, and computer.”

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